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A good adult store understands that every customer wants something different. This variety is actually a fantastic opportunity for proprietor and client alike, since there’s always a way to cater to such needs.


For instance, we stock a terrific selection of adult videos and DVDs in our store. These movies come from all of the major producers, and feature the biggest names in the industry. You can even watch these in the privacy of our peep show rooms if taking them home isn’t a practical option.


In addition to XXX videos, we also have a variety of novelty items. Examples of this can be seen in our sex toys. Some of these are made for solitary use, while others are designed to be used with another.


Those who are looking for a great adult store in New York, NY can find one by contacting us at Jayasara Video Inc.


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  • Excellent Service
  • Great Products
  • Dedicated to Client Satisfaction


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